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Allow us to introduce Amber Kerr - a Melbourne-based multi talented cool girl. With her fingers dipped in various artistic endeavours, from styling, set design, jewellery making and modelling, Amber's home base is the ORB HQ in Collingwood, where she also packs orders. 

Tune in as Amber discusses her relationship with fragrance, artistic practices and an exciting set design project at Australian Fashion Week.

For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

Hey I’m Amber, an artist/ model working and living in Naarm. I do quiet a few odd jobs here and there but currently pack orders for ORB at our studio in Collingwood. This studio is also my home base for my Depop @togenesuss where I sell second hand clothes and my own jewellery.

I’ve really gotten into styling recently, it’s so fun to be able to curate looks inspired by my favourite designers with garments that I source locally.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good it’s just how you wear it.

What’s your favourite ORB scent? How does it make you feel?

Lenny all the way. It’s a super neutral/ clean smelling scent that's super easy for every day wear. It has a layer of earthiness and saltiness which I love. 

What's your first fragrance memory?

I don’t know if this was necessarily my first but when I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with the way my Mum smelt. Like a mixture of dragon balm, incense and a perfume in an orange bottle. Dune I think it was called.

Tell us about your favourite creative project this year.

My best friend Kaya and I worked on the set for WACKIE JU’s 002  “Saviour” collection showing at AFW. We sourced materials for months using discarded stones, woods, beads and metals to recreate a desecrated sacred site. It’s was a mammoth task and I’d never really done anything like it but I really did enjoy the challenge. 

What are your favourite scents and why?

I’ve recently become obsessed with a Japanese wood scorching technique called yakisugi which I’ve been trialing in the set design. It leaves me smelling of smoke all the time but I kind of love it; it reminds me of burning bonfires at my family's farm.


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